Website Maintenance

Content and ongoing website updates are vital to growing your business.  People can tell when you’re not paying attention.  Monthly review is also crucial to ensure your website is safe, secure and functioning properly for both you and your visitors.

A neglected website with old and outdated information erodes your credibility and may send a message to search engines that the website has been abandoned, resulting in a lower search result.  Basically, you look less professional.

Features include

Quick Resolution

When you run into an issue, reach out and we'll respond as quickly as possible.


Our team has been building websites for 12+ years and has seen just about everything.


Your updates will have a 2nd person on our team's eyes on it to make sure there's nothing that gets missed.

Peace of Mind

We're here, we'll stay on top of making sure your website stays up, secure and accessible.


The right choice with friendly price



/ month



/ month



/ month


What is Website Maintenance

Peace of mind.  Let us take the weight of responsibility for your website.  We’ll be constantly checking for security issues and other problems that come up.  Plus, our backups ensure you’re covered if anything happens.  We’ve got a breakdown of the types of tasks we’ll do for each package:

Let us take the reins.

Reach out to us and we’ll take the stress of maintaining your website off your shoulders.