[column_two_third]So you have a physical location and you’re putting up a website to supplement your business? Good idea! We can help you get the most out of it, instead of just making it an online business card. Your website should help you drive your business forward!

Branding and design:

Your business may already have a branding identity. We can use your logo, business cards, even your font on your website, so it looks like an extension of your physical identity. Of course, taking your company online is also an excellent opportunity to refresh and rebrand if you need to breathe some new life into your branding identity. Let us help you build a unified front, matching up your site, letterhead, and social network landing pages so no matter where they see you, they feel like it’s part of the same brand.

Communicating with your clients and colleagues:

The way you use your email is a major factor in customer loyalty and satisfaction. You want to be able to respond quickly and correctly, and also maintain that professional brand strategy. Collecting client information as you interact with them allows you to send out mass emails, concentrate on certain demographic groups, and avoid spamming people by sending them what they want. Staying in the top of your clients’ minds is important, and between email and your social network identity you will be able to maintain that positive brand association.

Drawing business to the website:

Your website should act as a channel to both attract new clients as well as give your existing clients a way to interact with your company. The best websites don’t mean much if nobody sees them. Stay ahead of the game, by making sure you have a solid search engine optimization strategy from the start. Monitor your traffic and make adjustments as you see who is finding you and how. Over time, you will find higher traffic and longer stays, which means the right kind of folks are getting to you. You may also consider paid options if it’s very important to you to get it started quickly, and also if you have a particular niche that fits in well with social networking trends, you can use those to great effect.

The other stuff:

You know your business well, and we know the internet. Proactively protecting your investment and brand identity keep you from unexpected headaches so you can focus on what you do best. We will help you put together a plan that will add legitimacy to your business and keep things under your control. [/column_two_third]


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