[column_two_third]Running an online store takes a lot of work. No matter what stage you are in the development life cycle, there are a number of business needs that you need to have a gameplan for:

Branding and design:

This can never be underestimated. A good, unique logo and sense of branding is what makes you stand out from the crowd. Not only that, but maintaining a professional image, including some things to increase the legitimacy of your business, can show your customers that you are serious. If you make mistakes in this area, you will lose money. We will help you build your brand, create a sensible social networking strategy, offer our advice on what your branding conveys to your clients, and help you create a business identity that resonates with your customers.

Drawing business to the website:

This includes baked-in search engine optimization best practices and traffic monitoring to grow your organic SEO results, as well as some form or strategy for paid advertising. Social media can not be overlooked either. There are lots of ways to do this, and many companies devise a two or three pronged approach.

Communicating with your suppliers/clients/colleagues:

Email can either help you out or drag you down. Email services with features like calendar and contact syncing across your phone, tablet, and various computers is essential. Having a robust email system with services that allow you to both email blast targeted groups of people as well as collect client information for future contacts and promotions will keep you playing the game with the big movers and shakers, no matter how small or large your operation really is. Do not cut corners on your email, since it is a tool you will be using every single day.


Running a store can be a challenge in many mundane ways. In fact, this is where many businesses fail. You would rather do what you enjoy instead of all the grunt work. We get it. The good news? Handling physical stock, calculating profit and loss with multiple revenue streams, and keeping accurate records has never been easier, f you know the right tools and tricks.

The other stuff:

There are so many things that we can’t even list them all out. Things like protecting your investment with monitoring to thwart hackers or domain squatters, what you will need to process payments on your website, and other details that may not have occurred to you. We will help you build a long-term strategy that is smart and proactive.[/column_two_third]


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