Pink Birch

cultivating smart business

We love the internet​

We use it all day long. We find new places to shop, eat, do our taxes, entertain our children; all online. We know what drives the internet; the servers, the technology behind the scenes, the people who create content and the hackers who abuse it. We have our thumb on the pulse of the internet, and we know the stakes if you fail to make a compelling website. Yet, we have seen triumphs you can achieve if you strike a winning formula. We are brand loyal to companies who get it right and that’s where our money usually goes. On the other hand, we tell our friends and colleagues when we find something that really irritates us. We are active, engaged, and social.

We want you to succeed, and we know you don’t have the time to stay up to date with the trends and do market research as much as you’d like. You have a store to run, leads to contact and meetings to make, and you have to run that money to the bank. With our help, you will be a company that gets it right and inspires loyalty, has a presence that reflects your best side, and does what it takes to succeed online. We will help you realize your dreams, and we have the right mix of skills and background to make it happen. We don’t just care about business, we care about yours and want to help you make it stronger. One by one, we’re helping to make the internet better and more effective. 


Website Guru

I have learned to embrace my inner geek and find the magic that lies between code and keyboard. Raised by an engineer and an entrepreneur, logic and reason are at the core of my being, but I struggled to find how I could use that for something more personal. Through seeing a lot of bad branding, I was impressed with the importance of projecting a professional image. These two things together led me to design and code websites that worked, were made the right way, and would ultimately be a tool to empower business instead of the afterthought they often seemed to be. My interest in computers and code runs deep, and has led me to learn more about programming and website design over the years. I enjoy finding creative and sensible solutions, looking for growth opportunities and taking care of business. A well-made and smoothly running website is a joy to behold.


Admin & Client Support

I’m a lifelong entrepreneur and have always been passionate about small business. I enjoy helping business owners find the small (and large) ways they can succeed or improve on their every day tasks. Whether that be helping with routine administration items or helping them to solve a problem they didn’t know they had, I’m here for each and every one of our clients. 


Graphics Guy

I have a background in arts, writing, painting and crafts among other things. Growing up with an architect and artist, I cultivated an appreciation for line, form and overall aesthetic. Once just a hobby, graphic design has grown to entrance me as I became more interested in marketing, logos, typeface and the importance of a branding presence. My Midwestern work ethic invests everything I do with an attention to detail and my pride constantly pushes me to take on new challenges. Knowing how much these things influence me fuels my passion for creating something engaging, elegant, and powerful, and I find a great deal of satisfaction in helping someone tackle important design decisions.